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Where Would We Be Without Our Guardian Program?

Here at Buckeye Ridge, we do not believe in kennel life for dogs. To ensure the best life for every dog in our program, we utilize Guardian Homes, which allow each of our dogs to have its own family. Guardian dogs live their life with a Forever Family, but come back to Buckeye Ridge to occasionally be bred. Once they have finished their breeding career, we have them spayed or neutered and then they go about their amazing lives with their Guardian Family.

Our breeding dogs live in our house as our family dogs, and in the homes of local Guardian Families. Bernedoodles are social animals and thrive in a socially rich family atmosphere. This partnership with our Guardian Families allows us to breed in a home environment without utilizing a kennel.

Our Guardian Families get the very best that Buckeye Ridge has to offer. This means that we choose our breeding dogs based on the best qualities that are outlined in our breed standard with temperament of course coming first. Another wonderful benefit to our Guardian Families is that their Guardian dog or puppy will be completely health tested at the expense of Buckeye Ridge, prior to entering our breeding program, at no cost to the Guardian Family. Our Guardian Families get to enjoy the excitement of being a part of our breeding program, and get to see the offspring of their very own Guardian dog be placed with families across the country.....bringing others the same joy and happiness that they have received from their Guardian Dog!

To be considered as a Guardian Home for one of our breeding dogs, we require that you live within a 45 minute commute of our Glouster, Ohio location or our Ocala, Florida location. It is necessary that you have physical fencing to provide a safe and secure environment for the Guardian dog/puppy, own your own home, and have a schedule that will allow for your dog to not be left alone for extended periods of time. All dogs and pups placed in Guardian Families must be indoor dogs, and never be left outside unattended. Guardian Families must have reliable transportation, and a willingness to bring the Guardian dog/pup to us when needed throughout the year.

Most of our dogs/pups available for our Guardian Program will be females. Occasionally, we will have a male available, but it is rare.

If you are applying for a Guardian Home puppy, she will come to you at 8 weeks of age. During the first year, Buckeye Ridge will have her health testing completed. Once we receive all of the results from her health testing, we are then able to assess whether or not she will enter our breeding program. If for any reason we decide not to breed the Guardian Puppy placed with you (this is a decision solely made by Buckeye Ridge) we will then spay the Guardian puppy, and she will remain a forever family pet with her Guardian Family.

If you are receiving a Guardian Home Puppy, we ask for monthly photos and updates during the first year so that we can watch her develop, and update our website. We also will require a visit to our Guardian Family’s home every few months during the first year to assess the Guardian Puppy, as well as build a relationship with her for the future.

Please complete our Puppy Application if you are interested in our Guardian program. Once your application is received, and we determine that you meet the criteria to become a Guardian of one of our gorgeous dogs, we will contact you. We are not flexible with the requirements to become a Guardian. In an effort to allow us to focus our time on our puppies and families, we ask that you not apply or inquire if your family does not meet the requirements.

We are incredibly thankful for our Guardian Families and are always in need of a committed family.

We are currently looking for exceptional Guardian Homes within 45 minutes of our Glouster, Ohio and Ocala, Florida locations. For more information, text Angie at 740-297-9310.

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