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Our Projects

Buckeye Ridge Bernedoodles and labradoodles is dedicated to helping the community!

K9 Chip - Marion Ohio Police Department

Buckeye Ridge Police Dog

Chip is a Jasmine/Chewy pup that has been added as an emotional therapy K9. He is resident "compassion cop" serving with Lt. Gruber at the Marion Ohio police department in his travels to schools, nursing homes, and special events. Chip also provides support to those who have experienced trauma, assisting child victims of abuse and violence in their time of need. 



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Nora- Marion Municipal Court Staff Member

Buckeye Ridge Courthouse Dog

There is a new staff member at the Marion Municipal Court and her name is Nora. Her job focuses on helping people, both staff members and the public, feel less stress. With her happy face and engaging personality, she is the perfect candidate for the job. Did we mention Nora is a dog?

Nora came to Marion from the Buckeye Ridge breeders in Glouster, Ohio, like her cousin Chip who works with the Marion Police Department.  Both are comfort/therapy dogs and were made possible to the community thanks to grants at the Marion Community Foundation. 



See the full story here!:

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