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Our Adoption Process

Hello, BRB Families and potential BRB Families!



A family inquires via our puppy application located on this website.


AFTER THOROUGHLY READING THROUGH OUR WEBSITE, including our informational page, pricing page, and our contract.


In your submission, you MUST INCLUDE information about your home environment, daily schedule, how much research you have done on this cross/breed, especially their grooming needs, as well as, children and other pets in your home, and what you plan to do with your potential new family member while you are away from your home.

SUBMIT YOUR CONTRACT and reserve your puppy

Fill out all information completely.


Then fill out the information regarding litter choice, size and gender preferred.

Place your reservation fee.


The $500 (reservation fee is NON-refundable) to be added to our waitlist.


If a reservation fee is placed, the balance is due when you choose your puppy.


Please see the pricing page for puppy costs.


You will be assigned a number, based on the order that your reservation fee was received.


Puppy selection goes in order, and Angie or Paul will contact you when it is time for you to select a puppy.


If the timing isn’t right for you, or the litter is not the size or color you want, just let us know. If you decide to pass, you will remain on the waitlist, and will not lose your place. You can do this as many times as you like. However, if you move on to the next season's waitlist, you will go to the bottom of that waitlist, so as not to bump those who are already on that list. 



THE HARDEST PART...WAITING...and watching for updates.


During this wait time, the best thing to do is prepare for puppy pick-up day! You can find information on TLC Pet Food, NuVet Vitamins, Pet Insurance, and all of our Amazon favorites here. 



We understand a family's excitement for their potential new family member, so as soon as there are updates to be had, we will send our announcements as posts on our Instagram and Facebook pages.




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