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Buckeye Ridge Health Guarantee

Breeder Responsibility

BRB strives to place puppies in “Forever Homes.” BRB guarantees that the puppy will be delivered to Purchaser in good health, with all of the required vaccinations. All of BRB puppies are vet checked, de-wormed, and have had their first vaccinations.

Puppy will stay with BRB until 8 weeks of age. Puppy will have at least one thorough examination by a qualified veterinarian.

Purchaser’s Responsibility

BRB requires that the Purchaser have Puppy examined by a veterinarian of their choice within 7 days of receiving their Puppy. BRB wants Purchaser to be fully assured of their Puppy’s health. Purchaser must provide proof that the puppy was seen by Purchaser’s veterinarian within 7 days of receiving the puppy. This proof can be the invoice Purchaser is given when checking out at the veterinarian’s office. Please text a copy of the vet record to Angie at 740-297-9310, or email to Failure to provide proof that puppy was examined by Purchaser’s veterinarian, will void this health guarantee.

BRB requires purchaser to keep your Puppy on a regular vaccination schedule and routine de-worming by a licensed veterinarian. BRB also requires that the Puppy be kept on a monthly heartworm preventative.

During the time between receiving your Puppy and the completion of puppy shots (approx. 16 weeks), it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to keep the Puppy away from public places such as pet stores, Puppy Preschool, or parks. A puppy’s immunity is not strong enough to be exposed to potentially deadly viruses (such as parvovirus) before the puppy vaccinations are completed.

Purchaser agrees to provide TLC food, give daily exercise, provide indoor living quarters, a reliable fence system, and regular veterinarian care. The purchaser is responsible to keep the dog fit and not allow the dog to become overweight, as this can lead to hip dysplasia down the road.

The puppy is not to compete in agility competitions (involving a lot of jumping), frisbee, or allowed to run and up down the stairs in the first year of life as this can lead to hip dysplasia down the road.

BRB reminds Purchaser that Bernedoodles and Labradoodles are intelligent animals and require consistent training, socialization and attention. BRB strongly encourages Purchaser to enroll puppy in socialization classes, obedience training, and expose them to people of all ages, after the full regiment of vaccinations is complete.

At any time, should the Purchaser be unable to keep the Puppy, the Purchaser is to notify BRB so we can assist in finding a new home. Purchaser agrees to never relinquish a puppy to a shelter.

BRB likes to remain in contact with Purchasers. We appreciate periodic updates and photos throughout your puppy’s life.

Genetic Health Guarantee

BRB provides a 2 year guarantee against any serious genetic illness that affects your Puppy’s quality of life. BRB guarantees the Puppy to be in good health at the time of transfer of ownership to purchaser.

If the Puppy has become overweight, had inadequate diet or exercise, improper veterinary care, been over or under vaccinated, been involved in agility (excessive jumping) or running up and down stairs in the first year of the Puppy’s life, this health guarantee is null and void.

If a diagnosis of any hip dysplasia is found within the first two years, BRB requires a Penn Hip report and a letter from Purchaser’s veterinarian that the puppy has received proper check-ups and has not been overweight.

Death due to injury, accident, owner’s neglect or any other cause will not be eligible for a refund.

BRB reserves the right to have the Puppy examined by a veterinarian of their choice before a replacement is made. After these requirements have been met, Purchaser may choose a replacement Puppy from any of our upcoming available litters, subject to availability; or BRB will refund Purchaser up to ½ the purchase price of the puppy. BRB does not expect you to return the Puppy as they are part of Purchaser’s family, unless the proper medical care is more than Purchaser can afford. BRB does genetic testing on all of its breeding dogs prior to them entering the program, therefore, BRB does not see this as an issue.

Should Purchaser decide to return the puppy to BRB, shipping will be at the Purchaser’s expense.

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