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“Where should my new puppy sleep?”

Your new baby will be feeling disoriented. It has left the only home it has ever known and been deposited into a “new pack” situation. It will be looking for reassurance and company while it works out that it really belongs and is not going to lose you. We strongly encourage you to place the puppy’s crate beside your bed for the first few nights. This way you will hear the puppy stir if it needs to go potty during the night. A couple of friendly fingers poked into the crate will be greeted with a thankful puppy kiss at times of insecurity. The upside of this method is that you, your family, and your puppy will all have a good sound night’s sleep! Gradually, after the first few nights, when the puppy realizes that it has found its permanent and loving home, you will be able to move the crate to another part of the house if you wish. The crate should be just large enough for the puppy to lie down and stretch out, but not large enough to walk around in. Puppies dislike soiling or wetting a small sleeping space.

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Crates and Kennels

Aspen Pet Traditional Travel Kennel

Crate measures 28" L x 20" W x 20.5" H

 *This is the size crate our puppies fly home in

Midwest Dog iCrate 36" with Divider

iCrate measures 36' L x 23" W x 25" H

Weight of 41 to 70 pounds

Midwest Dog iCrate 42" with Divider

iCrate measures 42" L x 28" W x 30" H

Weight of 71-90 pounds

Premium Luxury Pet Carrier 

Airline Approved

Snuggle Puppy

Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

Snuggle Puppy - New Puppy Starter Kit

Snuggle Puppy - Heat Packs for Pets

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